Łebsko Lake – a rich accommodation and catering base

Łebsko Lake is located in the Słowiński National Park. The location of the reservoir is very convenient, because the area where the lake is located is very attractive for tourists. Many tourists like to take advantage of the lake’s natural assets by resting in the numerous holiday resorts of the area.

Łebsko Lake
Łebsko Lake

Łebsko Lake is the third largest lake in Poland. The total area of ​​the lake is over 7,000 hectares. The reservoir is separated from the Baltic Sea by the Łebska Spit, which was previously a sea bay. For this reason, Łebsko Lake is still a reservoir with brackish waters which is a characteristic feature of the lake. The Łeba River flows through Łebsko, and the reservoir itself is connected by canals with two lakes: Sarbsko and Gardno. What’s more, Łebsko Lake is very shallow, its maximum depth is just over 6 meters. Lake Łebsko is fed by the waters of the Łeba and Pustynka rivers as well as the waters of the canals of Żarnowiecki, Gardno-Łebsko and Łupawa-Łebsko. The water area connects from the west with the channel to Lake Gardno, and from the east with the channel to Lake Sarbsko. The Gardeńsko – Łebska Lowland stretches along the eastern, southern and western shores of Lake Łebsko. In the lowland there are numerous wetlands and peat bogs, where there are numerous protected species of plants.

The areas of Łebsko Lake are very attractive and you cannot be bored there. One of the most popular holiday destinations around the lake is Łeba – very often visited by tourists. The attraction of the place are dunes, which used to be called the Polish desert. Łebskie Dunes attract crowds of interested tourists not only from Poland but also the whole country. The surroundings of Łebsko Lake are very attractive for tourists mainly due to the very rich accommodation and gastronomy base. The area where the lake is located creates ideal conditions for active recreation. The numerous trails of the Słowiński National Park allow for long walks while interacting with nature. What’s more, there are many wild bird species on the reserve, and observing their lives can be a fascinating experience.

The Słowiński National Park in which the Łebsko Lake is located has been included by UNESCO into the network of World Biosphere Reserves. Apart from the Łebsko Lake, the most interesting tourist attractions include: the Museum of the Słowińska Village in Kluki, the holy Kashubian mountain with an observation tower, as well as the Museum of Natural History in Smołdzino. Łebsko Lake and its surroundings offer numerous attractions and guarantee a great time spent actively. Picturesque views, contemplation with nature and a network of holiday resorts on the lake will provide unforgettable moments and experiences.

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