Miedwie Lake

Miedwie Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Poland. The reservoir has very favorable natural, tourist and recreational conditions. This means that there are always many tourists on the shores of the lake. The picturesque areas of the lake are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of Poland.

Miedwie Lake
Miedwie Lake

Miedwie Lake in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship is the fifth largest lake in Poland. The water surface is 35 square kilometers. The lake has the largest depression filled with water. The shoreline of the reservoir is almost 40 kilometers long. As a rule, the shores of the lakeare not overgrown with forests, the lake’s waterline is rather marshy and covered with marshy vegetation.

Miedwie Lake is extremely attractive for tourists especially because of its history. During World War II, torpedo workshops existed on the lake. Near the former military base at the bottom of the lake is a wreck that was once the base of German divers. Proponents of professional diving have a unique opportunity to discover the pages of history and discover the amazing find in the waters of Lake Miedwie with their own eyes.

Not only historical values ​​make the areas of the reservoir attractive to tourists. On Lake Miedwie there are many holiday resorts and guesthouses offering favorable accommodation conditions. What’s more, on the shores of the lake there are numerous water equipment rentals with bathing areas conducive to practicing water sports. Free time on the water can be used by renting pedal boats, kayaks and small boats. On Lake Miedwie there are very favorable conditions for windsurfing, which is why there are regularly windsurfing regattas. The show brings together many tourists and lovers of water madness.

Lake Miedwie attracts many holidaymakers with developed tourism and many opportunities to spend free time in the waters of the reservoir. Lake vegetation is a habitat for numerous species of birds and animals. Supporters of wildlife and watching animal life will find relief while strolling along the shores of the lake, which hides many surprises in the reservoir. The lake is a picturesque area with a developed shoreline and numerous attractions waiting for interested tourists of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

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