Family picnic – where to go?

A picnic is associated with a city festival, during which concerts are organized and grilled delicacies are sold. This can be a lot of fun. A picnic can also be another idea for spending time on your free days.

Let’s take the children to the city for the weekend, let’s show how great it is to have fun in the fresh air! Once upon a time, kids used to fly into the yard to play with their peers. Today it is rare. Therefore, more often parents should think how to organize free time in contact with nature, in the fresh air. Quite trivial, but not practiced proposition: a family picnic outside the city.

Picnic basket
Picnic basket

This is nothing but just eating out. The organization does not require much effort: you need a basket with food, a means of transport (car, bicycle or bus), a blanket with a few pillows and plates. Food preparation shouldn’t take too long. Most often we take salads or sandwiches. To make the whole weekend family holiday, we can convene the kids the day before to bake cookies. If you are traveling by car, you can get a volleyball, Frisbee, Nordic walking poles or roller skates. Let’s organize an hour of exercise for the whole family during the picnic! And the most important point of organizing a picnic: where to go?

The residents of Krakow can choose, for example, Ojców National Park, Maków Podhalański or Lanckorona. A trip to “the lungs of Krakow” will be all the more interesting as you can show your kids traditional, old buildings. There will be several candidates from the vicinity of Wrocław: Wojnowice, Wojsławice, Sobótka, Czocha Castle, Pasterka … The fact that Warsaw is the largest Polish city motivates people to travel outside the city all the more. Where? For example, to Powsin, in the vicinity of the castle in Czersk or in the city itself: to the Kabacki Forest! There will be relatively many people there, but the popularity of the place does not come out of nowhere. People from other cities of Mazovia, like the Łódź Province, could also choose the Brudzeński Landscape Park. You can meet a black stork there! We also recommend the relatively small but charming Lake Rydwan to Łódź residents. The location of the Tri-City points to a fairly obvious seaside direction.

To avoid the crowds, you can go to one of the Kashubian lakes (Łapińskie, Tuchomskie) or to Ostrzyce, the only place outside Scandinavia where you can see elks. Inhabitants of the Silesian agglomeration can choose from: Chudów (except during motorcyclists’ days), the Three Ponds Valley in Katowice or the Błędowska Desert. Inhabitants of Lublin, consider a picnic in Roztocze. Zwierzyniec, Susiec, Górecko Kościelne are the perfect places for a spring family getaway.

Picnic road

There are many places in the vicinity of large cities, and even more outside them, where a family picnic on warm, spring or summer days will be an ideal holiday for children and adults. Find more interesting picnic spots on our website!

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