Lake Łękuk – a hidden gem of Masuria

Lake Łękuk is a picturesque reservoir located in the heart of Masuria, in the Wydminy commune. Surrounded by forests and fields, it is an ideal place for a quiet holiday away from crowds of tourists.

Characteristics of the lake

Lake Łękuk has an area of ​​80.6 ha and a maximum depth of 5.0 m. It is a gutter-type lake, with an elongated shape and a varied shoreline. The shores are partially forested, and there are two small islands on the lake. Łękuk is a eutrophic lake, which means that it is rich in nutrients and favors the development of aquatic plants.

Fishing in Łękuk

Lake Łękuk is a paradise for anglers. There are many species of fish here, including: pike, perch, tench, roach and bream. You can fish here from the shore or from a boat. There is a silence zone on the lake, which ensures peace and favors bird watching.

The lake area

There are numerous forests around Lake Łękuk that encourage walking and cycling. You can also find many interesting historical and cultural places here, such as manors, churches and cemeteries.


Access to Lake Łękuk is easy. You can get there by car from Giżycko (about 35 km) or Ełk (about 40 km). PKS buses from Giżycko and Ełk are also available.

Holiday attractions in the area

  • Kayaking on the Sapina River: The Sapina River flows near Lake Łękuk and is a perfect place for a kayaking trip. Rafting trips can be organized independently or with a tourist office.
  • Visiting the Marian Sanctuary in Gietrzwałd: Gietrzwałd is a famous Marian sanctuary that attracts pilgrims from all over Poland. In the sanctuary you can see the miraculous painting of Our Lady of Gietrzwałd.
  • Visit to the Borecka Forest: The Borecka Forest is one of the largest forest complexes in Poland. There are numerous hiking trails and bicycle paths in the forest. You can also see wild animals here, such as deer, roe deer and wild boars.
  • Relaxation on the beach: On the shore of Lake Łękuk there are two beaches where you can sunbathe, swim and play beach games.

For nature lovers:

  • Bird watching: Many species of birds live around the lake, making it an ideal place for bird watchers.
  • Mushroom and berry picking: You can pick mushrooms and berries in the forests surrounding the lake.
  • Photography: Lake Łękuk and its surroundings are an ideal place for taking photos.

For families with children:

  • Playground: There is a playground for children near the lake.
  • Games and fun: On the beach you can play games and activities, such as beach volleyball, frisbee or badminton.
  • Bonfire: In the evening you can light a bonfire and roast sausages.

Lake Łękuk is an ideal holiday destination for people looking for peace and contact with nature. There are many attractions around the lake that will keep the whole family entertained.

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