Mamry Lake – The Land of the Great Masurian Lakes

Mamry Lake is located in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes and is the second largest lake in Poland. The lake belongs to the cleanest water reservoirs in Masuria, which is why it is often visited by numerous groups of tourists.

Mamry Lake
Mamry Lake

Mamry Lake creates several connected lakes, which once separately, under the influence of rising water levels joined together to form one whole in the form of the lake. These reservoirs include: Northern Mamry (Proper), Łabap, Kirsajty, Święcajty, Dargin, Lake Dobskie and Kisajno. The lake was created in the depression of the bottom moraine. There are several dozen islands in the basin and almost all of them are reserves. The water mirror of the lake stretches from Giżycko to Węgorzewo itself. Some of the bays of the lake are called separate lakes such as: Przystań Lake, Małe Mamerki or Pniewskie Lake. The bottom of the lake has a very diverse structure. Numerous shallows and hills and gutters separating them mean that in very windy weather such construction of Lake Mamry can significantly hinder sailing.

Numerous islands located on Mamry Lake are part of the landscape reserve and therefore are protected. Upałty is particularly interesting from the lake’s islands, which due to its historical values ​​has been made available to visitors. The designated hiking trail at the tip, unique buildings and interesting buildings make the place extremely attractive for tourists and brings together numerous tourists to the lake. Near the island there is a unique Masurian Canal, which was originally to connect Masurian lakes with the Baltic Sea, however, the construction of the canal was not completed.

The water area is very attractive for tourists because of the popular holiday resorts located not far from the lake. What’s more, sailing on Lake Mamry will provide many experiences and unforgettable moments. What’s more, the waters of the lake belong to one of the cleanest among all water reservoirs in Masuria. The lake is so clean due to the fact that there is no major town on its shore and no polluted river flows into the lake. The lake is also called the Mamrami Proper. South of the lake it connects with Lake Kirsajty, and southeast of Kalska Bramka goes to Święcajta. The Węgorapa River flows out of Lake Mamry. A marked water route on the lake leads between Lake Kirsajty and Węgorapy. The route is most often used by passenger ships.

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