Lake Roś

Lake Roś is the south-eastern end of the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes. The lake is located 2 kilometers from the city of Pisz. It is connected by the Jegliński Canal with Lake Seksty and further with Lake Śniardwy. In terms of communication, the lake is located at the corner of the national road No. 58 leading from Olsztynek to Szczuczyn (thus connecting the S7 and S61 expressways) and the national road No. 63 leading from Zambrów to Węgorzewo.

Lake Roś
Lake Roś

The shape of Roś Lake resembles three separate pools. It consists of three almost parallel gutters connected by gentle meanders. The maximum length of all gutters is approximately 25 kilometers. The maximum depth is 32 meters and the average depth is 8 meters. The total area of ​​the lake is 1,888 hectares. The rivers Wilkus, Święcek, Konopka flow into the lake, and the river Pisa flows out. From the lake, you can go to the Pisa River and further to the Narew River or the Jegliński Canal to Lake Seksty and Śniardwy, or along the Wilkus River through Lake Kocioł and Białoławki to Lake Śniardwy.

There are few sailing boats on the lake, even though it is a shipping route of the Great Masurian Lakes. Śniardwy is not an easy lake (sailors are most often bothered by erratic boulders sticking out from the bottom), and without crossing it it is impossible to enter Lake Roś. In addition, there are no places to anchor in this body of water, not counting the shores closest to Pisz. The Szczeskie arm is overgrown with water vegetation. This is the shallowest part of the lake (two meters deep on average) and it can be hard to swim here on the engine. You have to reckon with the fact that the screw will have to be cleaned frequently. The shores of the reservoir covered with reeds are home to numerous waterfowl – grebes, herons and various species of ducks. At the lake, we can also see many species of birds of prey.

Tourism on Lake Roś focuses mainly on sailing. In the past, many people sailed to Masuria on the rivers: Vistula, Narew and Pisa. Now this is rare and many people keep their boats at their destination. For this reason, the number of ports and marinas is increasing. There are three facilities of this type in Pisz na Pisa, and the entire connection between the river and the lake is almost one large marina. There are facilities of various classes offering slipping, charter and wintering boats. Of course, there are also hotels on site. The rest of the infrastructure for water sports enthusiasts is concentrated at the beginning of the Jegliński Canal.

Pisz is a city with a good tourist infrastructure and a long history of servicing tourists. If someone likes a vacation in the city, it is worth coming here. People who prefer to rest in well-organized recreation centers should choose Terns. It is about 10 kilometers east of Pisz along the southern shore of the lake. The network of agritourism farms and private accommodation is also well developed. Objects of this type are concentrated mainly in the northern part of the lake. Go to the villages of Pilchy or Szczechy Małe.

Lake Roś is leased by the PZW Fisheries Farm in Suwałki. The farm sells special fishing permits in fishing shops, at its premises and through the online shop. Many species of predators live in this lake, and asp is one of the most interesting. In addition, the lake is home to: pike, perch, eel, zander, bream, roach, crucian carp, silver bream and lake trout. Common rudd and bream dominate. On August 29, 2018, Bogumiła Spiesz caught a catfish in Lake Roś, 132 centimeters long and weighing 11 kilograms. It’s a lake record for now. In agreement with the local government, the PZW Fisheries Farm in Suwałki has resigned from fishing with nets from 2019. The number and size of fish in the lake is growing every year. Lake Roś can already be considered attractive for anglers, and there is potential for even better fishing.

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