Budzisławskie Lake

Budzisławskie Lake is situated in the Gniezno Lake District between Gniezno and Konin. Access is provided by provincial road No. 262. The distance to Gniezno is about 40 kilometers, and to Konin or the A2 motorway – about 35 kilometers. When planning the route over the weekend, it is worth avoiding Witkowo. The traffic jams in this town are legendary. Especially on summer Sunday afternoons.

The lake has an area of ​​141 hectares. The maximum depth is 35 meters and the average depth is 11 meters. The lake has a typical postglacial shape. It is narrow and long. The area is sandy and far from cities and industry. This results in very clean water. Budzisławskie Lake has the first class of purity. The clarity of the water is phenomenal. Under favorable conditions, it can be up to 15 meters. On average it is 8 meters. It is a rarity in Polish lakes. The lake is located in the Powidzki Landscape Park and is under protection. The shoreline is only covered with reeds, which makes the lake easy to access. As a result, there are many small beaches where you can take a bath. Most only have a short section of shallow and then the depth begins where you can enjoy some stunning views. The turquoise color of the water and high transparency allow you to take phenomenal photos from the drone.

Budzisławskie Lake
Budzisławskie Lake

Due to the high clarity of the water, the lake is a favorite among divers. There is a base in Tręby Stare, which provides the necessary facilities. The dive sites are ideal for beginners, experienced and advanced divers. An interesting underwater track is built here, where rails lead divers to various underwater attractions, e.g. to the statue of the Virgin Mary. It is also very interesting to dive around the island and on the opposite shore of the lake.

Budzisławskie Lake has one more rare feature: large sandy beaches. Unfortunately, they are the result of the lowering of the water level. Large amounts of sand can be found in Tręby Stare and at the northern end of the lake. As a result, the area is eagerly visited and there are many recreational houses here. The area is constantly expanding, but due to the low density of buildings and the lack of a hotel, the gastronomy offer is still poor. There are only a few bars.
On the shores of the lake in Tręby Stare there is a Municipal Recreation Center. There is a diving base in the resort. There is a water equipment rental on the beach in summer. We have several summer houses, a campsite, a playground, a slide for children at our guests’ disposal. There are two beach volleyball courts on the beach. A lifeguard watches over the safety of bathers. There is free parking, but far too small. During the season, cars are on all side streets.

Lake Budzisławskie

Although the water in the lake is systematically falling and the place for fish is systematically shrinking, we hope that total water loss will not threaten it for many more years. The fish in Lake Budzisławskie are: whitefish, perch, roach, tench, eel, pike, catfish, burbot. The lake is open to fishing. Multispecies aquatic vegetation creates favorable spawning and regrowth conditions for fish. On the north-west shore, there are good bream sites chosen by local anglers. Currently, the water is managed by the Polish Waters State Water Farm. A tender for use may be announced.

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