Białe Lake in the Gostynin Lake District

The Białe Lake in the Gostynin Lake District is one of over twenty lakes with this name in Poland. This particular one is in Masovia. This voivodeship is dominated by rivers and there are fewer lakes. For this reason, it is worth going to the vicinity of Gostynin, especially to Lake Białe, which is the cleanest in the area.

The easiest way to get to the lake is by turning off the national road No. 60, which connects the A1 motorway through Gostynin with Płock. The provincial road No. 573, connecting Gostynin and Nowy Duninów, runs 2 kilometers from the lake. Signposts lead to the village of Białe, but it is not compactly built up. The local road surrounds the lake and allows you to get to all interesting places.

Białe Lake in the Gostynin Lake District
Białe Lake in the Gostynin Lake District

The lake has an area of ​​150 hectares. The average depth is 9.9 meters, and the maximum depth is 36 meters. The lake is oblong and stretches longitudinally. In the western part it is shallower and there is one island here. The lake is a quiet zone – internal combustion engines cannot be used. The water is really very clean. When there are not many people and the sand on the bottom is not muddy, you can see the bottom even from the pier. Transparency is up to 5 meters.
Almost all beaches at Lake Białe are private and there is an additional fee to use them. The owners, on the other hand, offer barbecue areas, tables, and their own platforms. You can enter the water practically only from beaches and jetties. Close to the beaches, the bottom is clean and sandy. Apart from the beaches, however, the shore is overgrown with reeds and the bottom is covered with abundant aquatic plants.

The Białe Lake is popular not only among sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts, but also among amateurs of diving. Diving sessions are organized at the diving base at the Białe Źródła holiday resort on the south-western shore of the lake. At this point, the bottom of the lake has been developed for diving enthusiasts: there are underwater structures, platforms, a maze with mirrors, and at the bottom you can see a fishing boat and even a car wreck!

There is no public beach at Lake Białe. But there are many private ones. The eastern and western ends are forested, but the entire central part is dominated by recreation centers, campsites, campgrounds and private beaches. The offer is very varied. Recently, small, high-standard apartment buildings have appeared, but many older buildings have a decent infrastructure. On their premises, you can often rent water equipment and bicycles. Many places also have a beach bar for snacks or dinners. The fact that you always have to pay to go to the beach has an advantage. There are only people here who know why they came here. Thanks to this, it is peaceful and there is a holiday atmosphere.

The user of the lake is the Polish Angling Association. A fishing license valid for this district is required to catch fish. There are fish such as bream, roach, perch, carp, tench and pike. The fish are here, but not easy to catch during the tourist season. A boat is necessary. The large numbers of people in the water make it difficult to fish from the shore.

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