Lake Gołdapiwo

Lake Gołdapiwo is located in the north-eastern part of the Land of Great Masurian Lakes, in the Kruklanki commune. It is connected with Lake Swięcajty through the Sapina River. The lake has an area of ​​862 hectares. The maximum depth is 27 meters. The lake is oval in shape, but in the northern part it has a bay towards the east. The bay is called Lake Żabinki. It is partially separated by an artificial dyke along which the road leads.

Lake Gołdapiwo
Lake Gołdapiwo

The northern shore of the lake is occupied by recreation centers and camping sites hidden in the forest. For those who want more privacy, the eastern shore of the lake is a good place. There are many private accommodation and entire houses for rent. The largest town by the water is Kruklanki. It is a large commune village with everything you need on vacation. There are also several holiday resorts and many guest houses here. There is a public communal beach in the Słoneczne Estate. The bathing area is guarded during the season. There is a large sandy area, parking, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as a gym and a playground for smaller children. In summer, there is also a catering point and water equipment rental. Tourists appreciate this place for its cleanliness and good equipment.

The Przerwanki Lock was built in 1910 on the Sapina River near the Gołdapiwo Lake. It is the only lock in Poland operating on a river that does not have the status of a waterway of even the lowest class. It can be covered by yachts with a draft of up to 50 cm. It is forbidden to use internal combustion engines in the lock. However, it is a waterway that connects Lake Gołdapiwo with the Mamry Lake complex.

There is a legend about Wilhelmina and the devil’s herb connected with the lake. Her monument stands by the road from Kruklanki along the western shore of the lake. According to legend, her husband Konrad was forced to serve in the army, and she herself stayed with the children. In order to make a living, she grew tobacco, which was considered the devil’s herb. Under the influence of the local pastor, the villagers decided to do their own right and beat Wilhelmina on the day when Konrad returned from the army. Konrad embraced his wife, but he did not manage to save her and she died soon. As is known today, the villagers did not stop the development of tobacco cultivation.

To the west of the lake there is a large forest complex – Puszcza Borecka. Its area is 230 square kilometers. The forest area is undulating and covered with numerous hills and valleys. Probably this prevented the forest from being cut out. An unusual attraction of the forest is a herd of wild bison. In 1956 there were 100 of them. Now the animals are wild and do not approach people, but there is a farm in Wolisko where you can admire them.

In 1975-78 the dominant fish species were: bream 35%, roach 20%, whitefish 13%, pike 1%, eel 10%, perch 9%. Submerged vegetation is quite sparse – knotweed, ramien, and Canadian marsh. Until 1994, Lake Gołdapiwo was administered by the State Fish Farm in Giżycko and was regularly stocked with species valued on the market: whitefish, whitefish and eel. Now the lessee is PZW Suwałki. Permits for fishing in Lake Gołdapiwo can be purchased in Kruklanki or on the lessee’s website. This lake is a place to go fishing. Thanks to a sustainable economy, there are more and more of them. However, there are not many large individuals. It is worth remembering that the lake is in a quiet zone. Motors must not be used. The justification is a bit strange – a herd of bison live in the area. Cars on the roads, however, do not bother them.

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