Warmia and Mazury – not only water

Mysterious northern lakes

Warmia and Mazury is currently one of the most famous tourist regions of all of Poland. It is here that crowds of tourists come, especially in the summer, when the sailing or beach volleyball season begins. This is the area with the largest number and area of ​​lakes in Poland. In addition to active recreation on the water, on the beach or in the forest, you can also see some interesting places.


Grunwald is a place known to practically every adult and most school children. It was here that the battle between the Polish and Teutonic armies took place. Currently in the Grunwald Fields there is the Museum of the Grunwald Battle, where you can admire many interesting exhibits from that time. In addition, on each anniversary of the battle, i.e. on July 15, a staging takes place in the Fields, to which crowds of viewers mainly from Poland, Lithuania and Germany come.

Cathedral Hill in Frombork

The Cathedral Hill in Frombork is a must-see for Warmia and Mazury – it is the only monument of its kind. On the hill there is still a cathedral, which in architectural style corresponds to the original assumptions – despite numerous damages, elements from the initial period of the building were preserved here. In addition, in the cathedral itself you can see the burial place of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Museum of Folk Architecture in Olsztynek

A very interesting building, especially for those interested in the architecture of the region, is the Museum of Folk Architecture in Olsztynek. It is, in fact, an open-air museum, in which since the Second World War all historical residential and utility buildings from the region of Warmia and Mazury have been gathered. In addition, it is also possible to view a variety of devices that were used for work on the farm. The collected objects date back to the 18th century.

Elbląg Canal

The Elbląg Canal is one of the places that is unique not only in Poland but also around the world. In practice, it is a channel that connects Warmia and Mazury with the nearby Vistula Lagoon. The canal itself is 100 meters long and is completely flooded with water; its characteristic feature is a rail object moving on the channel called a ramp, which is completely driven by the force of water. Moving around the canal is also possible due to the action of various mucus.

Warmia and Mazury is undoubtedly a wonderful land for relaxation. We will keep you updated on attractions and lakes in this region. We invite you for holidays in Poland.

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