Nidzkie Lake

Nidzkie Lake is situated at the southern end of the Great Masurian Lakes Region. The main lakeside town and the only town is Ruciane-Nida. For starters, here are the things to follow. Good access from Gdańsk is on the national road No. 58, which you can enter in Olsztynek. This road continues to Szczuczyn, where the Via Baltica express road is under construction. The national road No. 59 and 53 runs from Warsaw. But it will soon be through Szczuczyn that runs the fastest. There are small paths around the lake. Some are asphalt, others paved. However, the main transportation is provided by water.

Nidzkie Lake
Nidzkie Lake

The lake is very big. It has 1,818 hectares, which gives it 18th place in Poland. At the same time, the lake is moderately deep. The average depth is 6.2 meters and the maximum depth is 23.7 meters. However, its impressive size is mainly influenced by the length of the lake. It is over 23 kilometers long. This is due to its elongated and curled shape. In the vicinity of Ruciane-Nida, the lake runs from the north-east to the south-west. Then it turns south, further east, and then northeast again. The coastline is varied. There are islands on both ends and large bays in the middle. The last part of the lake that is not very navigable. The cause is ecological succession which has made the lake shallow and filled with silt. Mud located just below the waterline slows down the flowing vessel and makes it impossible to reach the shore, especially difficult tacking in the event of unfavorable winds. The lake area is a nature reserve. The reservoir is legally protected, incl. internal combustion engines are prohibited on most of the lake’s surface. The silence zone on Lake Nidzkie is valid from the high voltage line in Ruciane-Nida. From the north, the lake is connected with Guzianka and then Bełdany. You can go there by quite a large boat. To the east there is a connection to Lake Wiartel, but the canal is only accessible by kayaks.

Tourist services are mainly provided by Ruciane-Nida. Here you can find everything you need. There are hotels, guesthouses, shops, and service establishments. However, the city primarily provides a base for sailors. There are three marinas and many shops with specialized equipment. There are also two public beaches and there is a campsite on the other side of the lake. Sailing further to Krzyż, you can pass several campsites on the way and Przystań Pranie, where the Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński Museum is located. Pranie is a typical village around the marina. There are many berths. There are two campsites, but overall it’s a village. Further, the entire southern shore of the lake is dotted with campsites and campsites. The last part after the choke is poorer due to the worse conditions for sailing. But there is also a marina, a large beach and a campsite in Jaskowo. Nidzkie Lake provides good conditions mainly for sailors.

The host of the lake is the PZW Suwałki Fisheries Farm. Permits can be purchased on the website or in stores in Rucianem-Nida. The most common fish here are crucian carp, carp, chub, bream, tench, perch, roach, catfish, pike, eel. When it comes to fish stocks, we can find practically all the most popular fish here. Predator lovers have a chance to catch a pike, especially in May and autumn. Good places are within the aforementioned hills and lows. Both the spinning and the live fishing methods work well. There are also nice perches here. We can catch tench, roach or bream from quiet feeding fish in shallower bays. As for the method, we fish both with a float and from the ground. With a bit of luck, we can face the carp. Regulars recommend the middle section. It is quieter here for anglers, but also for fish.

Lake Nidzkie is a great place for a vacation. There is no human interference here. It is quiet and peaceful. This very large lake will provide attractions for both sailors, fishermen and sunbathers. It is definitely worth coming here more than once.

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