Niesłysz lake

Niesłysz Lake is the largest in the Lubuskie Lake District. The lake is clean and frequented. Beach-goers and anglers especially like them. It is a good place for tourists, which is emphasized by the constantly expanding infrastructure.

Niesłysz lake
Niesłysz lake

The northern part of the lake is of gutter origin, and the southern part is of moraine origin. The shoreline of the lake is very well developed. The shores are usually high and covered with forest. There are three islands on the lake: Koziniec, Ostrowie and Lubrza. The area of ​​the lake is 486 hectares. The average depth is 7 meters and the maximum is 34.7 meters. The coastline is 1700 meters long. The emerged vegetation covers nearly 90% of the shores. The width of the plant belt ranges from 3 meters to even 150 meters. At the beginning of the century, the lake was classified to the second class of purity, but with the risk of degradation. Research has shown that the lake’s waters are endangered by tourist over-exploitation and difficulties in wastewater treatment around the lake. However, the most recent research has shown that the preventive measures have been successful and the lake is now classified as first class clean.

There are 3 islands on the Niesłysz Lake. Birds will lay down on the islands and along the shores – you can see cranes, herons, swans and even a white-tailed eagle. It’s worth taking your camera! The views are beautiful. It is especially worth admiring the nature from a boat or a kayak due to the very extensive coastline.

Tourists come here very willingly. The main destinations are Niesulice and Przełazy. These places have a good tourist base. It is easy to find accommodation here and you can find a bar and a shop. Recreation centers enjoy constant interest here. There are several of them on almost all shores of the lake. They provide a diverse offer, but they have one thing in common – they are adapted to modern requirements. The cabins are mostly new or renovated. The owners try to provide so many attractions that you do not have to go outside the resort. So there are jetties, slides, playgrounds, canteens, clean beaches and, of course, the care of qualified lifeguards.

In Przełazy there is a three-storey, neo-Renaissance palace from the end of the 19th century; built by the Castell family. The building, thanks to rectangular and hexagonal towers, finished with battlement and other decorations, stylized as a castle. Currently, it houses the Poviat Rehabilitation and Recreation Center.

In the east of Niesulice, there is a municipal beach right next to the Ołobok canal. There is a parking lot, toilets and kiosks with food. Admission is free. For this reason, there are real crowds here in high season. In particular, on hot weekends, it may be difficult to find a place.

The lake is managed by Gospodarstwo Rybackie Zbąszyn. An additional permit is required to catch fish. Niesłysz Lake is a good reservoir for fishing. It is rich in roach, bream, bleak, carp, crucian carp and tench. The predatory fish include perch, pike and eel. In the deeper parts of both lakes the most delicious freshwater fish – the whitefish – lives. Underwater shallows and shoals encourage spinning.

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