Nałęczów – SPA – attractions

Nałęczów is the only cardiological spa in Poland. The spa’s offer is enriched by sources of healing mineral waters known for over 200 years.

Nałęczów - SPA - attractions
Nałęczów – SPA – attractions

A city in the province Lublin, in the Puławy poviat, the seat of the urban and rural commune Nałęczów, within the Kazimierski Landscape Park, part of the tourist triangle: Puławy – Kazimierz Dolny – Nałęczów. It is historically located in Lesser Poland (initially in the Sandomierz region and then in the Lublin region). In the years 1975–1998 the city administratively belonged to the old province. Lublin. Bystra flows through the city, a small river of the Vistula basin, its right tributary. Nałęczów is the only spa in Poland with a exclusively cardiological profile. First of all, coronary diseases, hypertension, cardiac neurosis and general psychophysical exhaustion are treated. Nałęczów also has good conditions for the rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction and cardiac surgery.

Tourist attractions include, above all, the Spa Park.

Stanisław Małachowski was the founder and organizer of the Spa Park, in which part of the spa’s buildings are located. The park already existed in the mid-18th century, and at the end of the 19th century it was enlarged for the needs of patients. It is crossed by a series of lanes and paths. The park is divided into 2 parts by the Bystra river bed, which is piled up with a sluice and spills into an oval pond. The park’s trees, carefully selected and cared for for almost 190 years, are the pride of the Nałęczów health resort. In addition to known domestic coniferous and deciduous species, specimens of Western European and even American flora (e.g. tall pines – nymphaea) are found here. Visitors can also take advantage of the charms of the palm house and quench their thirst with mineral waters. The Spa Park, located in the city center, is an oasis of peace and quiet, where walkers can feed tame swans and squirrels. On April 28, 2007, 16 impregnated clay tablets with imprinted hands were embedded in one of the park’s alleys. Tomasz Kawiak, Tomasz Bachanek, Adam Faglio, Piotr Fąfrowicz, Ewa and Roman Fleszarów, Mieczysław Olszewski, Jan Kante Paśluśkiewicz, Tadeusz Boruta and Andrzej Antoni Widelski, creating Aleja Artystów.

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