Lake Piaseczno attracts more and more tourists

Lake Piaseczno belongs to the deepest and cleanest reservoirs of the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District. Many types of plants and animals live in waters that have first class purity. There are even rare species of fauna and flora. Lake Piaseczno is also a thriving holiday resort, where there are excellent conditions for water sports.

Lake Piaseczno
Lake Piaseczno

Lublin lakes are among the most beautiful in Poland. Although they are not as popular as the Masurian region, tourists will find many well-prepared holiday resorts and entertainment that will satisfy even the most demanding. Lake Piaseczno is a very picturesque reservoir, covered with a thick forest full of mushrooms and berries. It is an ideal place for hiking and biking tours. The lake’s waters are transparent and very clean, and the content of iodine in the air is comparable to the amount of iodine by the sea.

Lake Piaseczno has an oval shape. Its area is 86 hectares, and the maximum depth is 39 meters. The lake is characterized by the highest water transparency in the Lake District, up to 5 meters. The main public beach is at the southern end of the lake. The second very popular one is at the northeastern tip. They both provide free parking, toilets, food art and lots of beach bars. These beaches are sandy and very large. The west shore is occupied by a holiday resort and campsite. There is also a beach there. About 3/4 of the lake shoreline is occupied by holiday houses.

Lake Piaseczno quickly changed into an attractive holiday resort. On the eastern shore of the lake there is the ANATRES Didactic and Sailing Base, which organizes sailing courses. Thanks to this, you do not have to go to Masuria to obtain a patent. On the west side of the basin, sheltered by a pine forest, there is a sandy beach. In the season, the swimming pool is guarded by a lifeguard, which increases safety during swimming. An additional advantage is the floating platform, a perfect place for sunbathing. Near the beach of Piaseczno Lake, there are campsites and a swimming equipment rental.

If you are bored with sunbathing, diving in the lake will be an ideal summer entertainment. Thanks to the transparent waters, Piaseczno Lake has become a real paradise for divers. Many diving clubs have their headquarters there. They have marked underwater routes to make this sport more attractive. The most interesting of them is the one leading from the east bank. It can take you to a tug that is embedded in the lake, which is sixteen meters deep. A new dive site has been set up in the northeastern part of the lake. The diving club responsible for them has prepared two training platforms, a sunken sailboat and a mini reef with fish.

Lake Piaseczno has become one of the most popular Lublin lakes. With clean waters, beautiful nature and a well-developed tourist base and an interesting offer of entertainment, every year it attracts more and more tourists.

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