Charzykowskie Lake – ideal sailing conditions

Charzykowskie Lake is one of the largest lakes in Kashubia. It belongs to the gutter flow lakes and its area is 1360 hectares. On the lake you can find picturesque bays, islets and shores inhabited by many species of birds. These are not all the attractions of the place, in the summer regattas are held here and events related to sailing culture are organized.

Charzykowskie Lake - ideal sailing conditions
Charzykowskie Lake – ideal sailing conditions

Lakes in Kashubia have long delighted tourists. This is where one of the most beautiful canoe routes in Poland is located, which leads through several lakes of the Kashubian Lake District. The most famous and best adapted for use is Lake Charzykowskie. Its main advantage is a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There are many hotels here, good catering facilities, and in summer the houses on Lake Charzykowskie are experiencing a real siege. Well-prepared tourist routes and the unique nature of the Bory Tucholskie National Park guarantee a successful holiday at the lake, away from the city noise.

Charzykowskie Lake offers tourists ideal sailing conditions. Recently, a yacht port has been put into operation, which is equipped with appropriate equipment enabling launching of yachts. Charter is also possible, so you can enjoy the wind in your hair even if you don’t have your own boat. Thanks to the rapidly developing tourism in Kashubia, sailing events began to be organized. The most famous event of this type are the Blue Ribbon Regatta of the Charzykowskie Lake. They have been taking place every year for over seventy years and both experienced sailors and tourists can participate in them. Of course, sailing events are combined with singing shanties, which is an additional attraction.

If anyone thinks that Lake Charzykowskie is just a possibility of sailing, he is wrong. You can also do Nordic Walking, a sport that does not require great physical condition or excellent fitness. This is not only a great way to spend time with friends, but also to admire the nature of the Tuchola Forest. Marches are organized by the lake along the most beautiful hiking trails, inaugurating the start of the season or celebrating the arrival of spring.

A trip to Lake Charzykowskie is a great idea for people who want to spend their holidays in Kashubia. Excellent sailing conditions and a well-prepared tourist base are an additional advantage. Among the green shores and calm waters of the lake, everyone will find peace and relaxation.

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