Lake Ińsko

Lake Ińsko is known for its clean water – first-class purity. High transparency has been encouraging for years to visit this reservoir. It is especially appreciated by divers. This lake is the best place for inland diving in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Lake Ińsko. Author: StasiÓ Stachów. CCBY3.0 license
Lake Ińsko. Author: StasiÓ Stachów. CCBY3.0 license

The Ińskie Lakeland is situated between the Nowogardian Plain in the west and the Drawskie Lake District and in the east. The name of the area comes from the river Ina. The name of the city and the Ińsko Lake comes from it. Ińsko can be reached from the national road No. 20 connecting Szczecin and Gdynia, or from the national road No. 10 connecting Szczecin with Warsaw. In both cases, it is good to take the national road No. 151 in Recz or Węgorzyno. The city of Ińsko is located on the south-eastern shore of the lake and it is here that you should direct your first steps.

The area of ​​Lake Ińsko is 596 hectares. The maximum depth is 42 meters. There are three islands on the lake with a total area of ​​22.3 hectares, the largest of them – Wyspa Sołtyski, occupying about 20 hectares. There is a nature reserve on this island that must be admired from the boat or from the shores of the lake. The lake has a very irregular shape. The central part already has many bays and peninsulas. However, the most interesting feature are the two very long bays extending to the far west. The water surface area covered by vegetation is 47 ha, which is 7.8% of the lake’s basin, and the shoreline is overgrown with 83% of emerged vegetation.

Lake Ińsko has been eagerly visited by tourists for many years. For this reason, the infrastructure is constantly being expanded. There are many rooms for rent and guesthouses. There are recreation centers on the outskirts of Ińsko. On the shore you can find a bar or a restaurant. There is a well-kept promenade in the central part of the city and a modern observation tower on the shore, opposite the school. From the facility put into use in 2019, you can admire the lake and the surrounding area. In the western part of the city there is a large sandy city beach. It is well-groomed, and a lifeguard works here in the season. There is a car park, several restaurants and beach bars in the area. Clear water is very encouraging to swim and play with family and friends.

Visibility in the water is up to 10 meters. The relief of the bottom is extremely varied, there are deep gutters, shallows and underwater islands. The bottom is covered with sand, gravel and stones. In the northern parts of the lake, silt is deposited at the bottom in shallow waters. There are special attractions for divers in the lake: sunken cars, furniture and other dedicated objects. Observation of underwater life and a good training base attract many divers to the lake. There are currently four dive bases. As there is a lot of traffic, they are well prepared. It is a very good place to start your diving adventure. Maybe even the best in the whole province.

The lake is used by the Ińsko Fishing Farm. You need a permit for fishing. The farm produces its own fry and breeding carps. Fresh fish can be purchased at the company store in Insk. The lake is of the whitefish type. The following fish are found here: pike, eel, roach, bream, burbot, rudd, smelt, or, bleak and whitefish. There are large animals, but nevertheless the amount of fish in the lake is moderate. However, the pleasure of fishing in the lake is great because the clear water allows for interesting observations.

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