Lake Górskie

Lake Górskie in the Gostyniński Lake District is located in the commune of Łąck in the village of Grabina. The shore of the lake reaches the national road No. 60, which ensures good communication in the region. This section of the road connects Płock and Gostynin.

Lake Górskie
Lake Górskie

The lake has an area of ​​43 hectares, so it is small. The maximum depth is 5.5 meters, which makes the lake a polymictic reservoir. In simple terms, the wind mixes the water to the bottom. The water is the same temperature and the same density everywhere and at every depth. The northern shore is gentle overgrown with pine trees, while the southern high shore adjoins the forest with a predominance of hornbeams and oaks. North-eastern shore used for recreation, numerous beaches, agritourism. They are connected with Ciechomickie Lake by a stream, which unfortunately periodically dries up, and which feeds the lake.

The “Patelnia” swimming pool is located on the Górskie Lake in the central part of the northern shore. The swimming pool area is used for recreation. There is a water equipment rental at the lake, that is: kayaks, pedal boats, a playground for children. The beach is sandy. Lake Górskie is one of the most popular and closest lakes to Płock (only 7 kilometers). It is an attractive bathing area and a place for Saturday and Sunday rest. The lake is surrounded by numerous holiday centers offering longer than weekend holidays, as well as a large number of private summer houses. In high season, the Plaza is guarded by a team of lifeguards who work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In 2019 and 2020, the lake experienced a significant drop in water level. A similar situation affected the nearby Ciechomickie and Zdworskie lakes. They are connected by water streams, complementing each other with the principle of communicating vessels. It turned out, however, that at the mouth of the Zdworskie Lake, excess water is blocked by an illegal dam. The situation was also caused by beavers, which raised the water, preventing it from flowing further to Ciechomickie Lake, and from there to Górskie. In addition, the flow between the Górskie and Ciechomicki lakes was silted with the application of sand. Fortunately, timely and appropriate interventions and actions have brought the expected results, and the situation in Lake Górskie is improving. Thanks to the unblocking of the flows, the water comes from connected lakes, as well as from the pipeline pumping water to Lake Ciechomickie

The Górskie Lake (the popular Grabina) used to be abundant in grasslands, then the carp was planted. Many years ago, the PZW stocked this lake with pike (about 3,000 pieces, 20-25 cm long). You must have a fishing license to fish on the lake. Sometimes the Polish Angling Association organizes competitions on this lake. Also fish are for sure. Pursuant to the regulation of the poviat council in Płock, from 2012 it is forbidden to use “watercrafts equipped with combustion engines.

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