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Walpusz Lake

Lake Walpusz is located just a few kilometers from Szczytno. Nevertheless, it is quiet and peaceful there. The southern end


Lake Górskie

Lake Górskie in the Gostyniński Lake District is located in the commune of Łąck in the village of Grabina. The


Lake Lucienskie

Lake Lucienskie is the second largest lake in the Gostyniński Lake District. The lake is surrounded by a pine forest.


Lake Gołdapiwo

Lake Gołdapiwo is located in the north-eastern part of the Land of Great Masurian Lakes, in the Kruklanki commune. It


Lake Bełdany

Lake Bełdany is located in the largest glacial valley in Poland. Most of the gutter is filled with water, and


Lake Lednica

Lake Lednica is located in the Gniezno Lake District between Gniezno and Poznań. Prince Mieszko I was probably baptized here.

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