Krasnobród – a tourist town in Roztocze

Krasnobród is a town located in the valley of the upper Wieprz. In the 16th century, Krasnobród was the property of the Lipski family, and then of the Leszczyński family, who obtained a city privilege for him from Sigismund III. They founded the Calvinist church here, in 1647 a synod of Lesser Poland was held there. In the 17th century, the city was plundered by the Swedes and Tatars, whom Jan Sobieski crashed near Narol. According to legend, in the second half of the 17th century a painting of the Mother of God was found at the sources of the Krupiec river. The sources turned out to be healing. By using them she regained her health, including Maria Kazimiera d’Arquien, later queen Marysieńka Sobieska. In thanks, she founded a church in the east part of the city called Krasnobród-Podklasztor. At the end of the 17th century, the town became the property of the Tarnowski family. In 1863 the battle of insurgents Lelewel Borelowski with tsarist army fought here. After the uprising, Krasnobród lost its city rights. During the September 1939 campaign, the village found itself at the center of heavy fighting.

Sights of Krasnobród:

  • the Baroque Leszczyński palace from the 17th century, rebuilt several times, currently wearing a classicist robe from the beginning of the 19th century. It is covered with a Polish broken roof. Column gallery connects it with the annexe from the turn of 18th and 19th century. Currently, the palace has a children’s sanatorium.
  • a baroque church built in the years 1690–1696 from the foundation Marysieńka Sobieska according to the design of Jan Michał Link
  • monastery buildings erected for Of the Dominicans in the early Eighteenth century by the Tarnowski
  • wooden granary from 1795, arcaded, with a shingle roof with an exhibition of harvest wreaths
  • a group of chapels at the source of the Krupiec river. To this day, crowds of pilgrims believe that the water from these sources has healing powers.
Krasnobród - monastery
Krasnobród – monastery

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Advantages of Krasnobród

Krasnobród has undeniable climatic values, which make it very attractive as a holiday resort and spa. Those arriving in summer relax by the reservoir, which is well managed, use walking and cycling paths marked out among pine-fir and beech forests with perfectly preserved, rich vegetation of plating.

There are also good conditions for winter sports on the surrounding slopes of Roztocze. Sleigh rides are a unique winter attraction of Krasnobród. The routes of these sleigh rides lead through beautiful forest vistas and picturesque gorges and end at a shared bonfire. Krasnobród has excellent conditions for hunting and fishing.

There are over 1,700 beds in holiday resorts, boarding houses, private and agritourism lodgings and camping houses.

The commune’s region is protected in a special way, because its areas are adjacent to the Roztoczański National Park. Clean, ecological air favors healing.


In Krasnobród, the Sanatorium Rehabilitation Janusz Korczak, where orthopedic and traumatic diseases are treated, nervous system diseases including cerebral palsy and neurological diseases with a similar clinical picture, rheumatological diseases
diseases of the upper respiratory tract, diseases of the lower respiratory tract, obesity.

On January 1, 1995, the Government of the Republic of Poland restored municipal rights to Krasnobród. Thanks to the efforts of the city and commune authorities towards the development of the tourist and spa function, Krasnobród has been a spa since 30 July 2002.

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