The warmest lakes in Poland

Many people go on vacation to the Mediterranean Sea due to certain weather and higher water temperature than in the Baltic Sea. However, lovers of relaxing on the beach should also consider a trip to Polish lakes. The difference in water temperature between the sea and the inland reservoir is significant. The warmest lakes in Poland are located at a distance from the Baltic Sea, which protects them from the cold wind and the influence of this large water reservoir.

The warmest lakes in Poland
The warmest lakes in Poland

Below is a list made by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. The water temperature in selected lakes was examined at the end of June. The average temperature was almost 24.5 ° C. For comparison, the water in the Baltic Sea fluctuated around 20 ° C, exceeding it only in the bays. The highest temperature was recorded in the lakes in Podlasie. In Lake Rospuda Filipowska it exceeded 27 ° C, so it did not differ from the water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea.

Lp.LokalizacjaNazwa stacjiWojewództwoTemperatura wody [°C]
1.Jez. GardnoGARDNA WIELKApomorskie23,4
2.Jez. JamnoUNIEŚCIEzachodniopomorskie25,2
3.Jez. ŁebskoIZBICApomorskie23,2
4.Jez. KomorzeSIKORYzachodniopomorskie24,9
5.Jez. DrawskoCZAPLINEKzachodniopomorskie21,1
6.Jez. LubieLUBIESZEWOzachodniopomorskie23,6
7.Jez. IńskoIŃSKOzachodniopomorskie23,8
8.Jez. OstrowiteWYSPA POKRZYWKAzachodniopomorskie24,9
9.Jez. SławianowskieBUNTOWOwielkopolskie25,9
10.Jez. Bytyń WielkiNAKIELNOzachodniopomorskie24,8
11.Jez. JasieńJASIEŃpomorskie24,6
12.Jez. Raduńskie GórneBORUCINOpomorskie23,8
13.Jez. WdzydzeJEZIORNApomorskie21,9
14.Jez. CharzykowskieCHARZYKOWYpomorskie22,1
15.Jez. SępoleńskieSĘPÓLNO KRAJEŃSKIEkujawsko-pomorskie24,2
16.Jez. MorzyckoPRZYJEZIERZEzachodniopomorskie24,7
17.Jez. NiesłyszPRZEŁAZYlubuskie25,8
18.Jez. SławskieRADZYŃlubuskie24,8
19.Jez. GopłoKRUSZWICAkujawsko-pomorskiebrak danych
20.Jez. PowidzkiePOWIDZwielkopolskie24,7
21.Jez. JeziorakIŁAWAwarmińsko-mazurskie26,5
22.Jez. BachotekBACHOTEKkujawsko-pomorskie25,6
23.Jez. DadajDADAJwarmińsko-mazurskie23,8
24.Jez. DejgunyKRONOWOwarmińsko-mazurskie24,0
25.Jez. MamryPRZYSTAŃwarmińsko-mazurskie24,4
26.Jez. MikołajskieMIKOŁAJKIwarmińsko-mazurskie24,0
27.Jez. ŚniardwyGŁODOWOwarmińsko-mazurskie25,4
28.Jez. RośMALDANINwarmińsko-mazurskie23,3
29.Jez. NidzkieRUCIANE-NIDAwarmińsko-mazurskie25,0
30.Jez. HańczaWRÓBELpodlaskie23,3
31.Jez. Rospuda FilipowskaWÓLKApodlaskie27,6
32.Jez. WigryWIGRYpodlaskie25,8
33.Jez. Białe AugustowskiePRZEWIĘŹpodlaskie24,5
34.Jez. StudzienicznePRZEWIĘŹpodlaskie25,7
35.Jez. LitygajnoBORKIwarmińsko-mazurskie25,4
36.Jez. EłckieEŁKwarmińsko-mazurskie26,3
37.Jez. Selmęt WielkiSORDACHYwarmińsko-mazurskie24,8
38.Jez. RajgrodzkieRAJGRÓDpodlaskie23,2
39.Morskie OkoMORSKIE OKOmałopolskiebrak danych
40.Zalew SzczecińskiTRZEBIEŻzachodniopomorskie25,0
41.Zalew WiślanyNOWA PASŁĘKAwarmińsko-mazurskiebrak danych
42.Zalew WiślanyTOLKMICKOwarmińsko-mazurskie23,2
50.BałtykGDYNIApomorskiebrak danych
As of June 22, 2021 at 08:00 Made by: hydrologist Dariusz Witkowski – IMWM-PIB

Compared to the sea, lakes will always be warmer. The difference will be large and depends on the location of the lake and the weather. However, lovers of relaxing in warm water can easily look for a good place for themselves in Poland. IMWM publishes daily temperature measurement results on its website, so you can always have up-to-date information. Of the many warm lakes, the shallowest reservoirs have the highest temperature. Unfortunately, lakes with an average depth of 3-4 meters will not have crystal clear water. Among deep lakes, it is worth choosing those with little water movement. Preferably one where it is forbidden to swim with the engine. The warm water flows upwards and you can easily see the difference in temperature on the surface and at a depth of, for example, two meters. The undisturbed water on top will be warmer.

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